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Violence in the Mass Media
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Welcome To Our Website!

This website was designed by students from Arizona State University who were interested in Violence in the Mass Media.

The purpose of this website is to review studies about all types of media and how their violent content effect children and adolescents. We will be looking at the effects of videogames, television, movies, music, internet, and print.

A reminder that this website is for educational purposes and all information is cited in the references section of this website.

Who are we?

This group is composed of three students: Elizabeth Christensen, Vanessa Roman, and Nicholet Deschine. Following are a short description of each student.

Elizabeth Christensen is a senior at Arizona State University graduating with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Family Studies. Elizabeth found this topic important because she is expecting her first child in January and it is important to her to learn how media has numerous effects on a child's development. She enjoys watching "Passions" on daytime TV and listening to music.

Vanessa Roman is a senior at Arizona State University graduating with a B.A. in the field of Family Studies and Child Development. She is very interested in learning about this topic because she wants to look for a career with children after she graduates. Vanessa enjoys watching movies and TV and has no scary side effects.
Nicholet Deschine is a junior at Arizona State University with a major in Family Studies and Child Development. Nicholet has a one year old daughter who loves to play with her dad's "Game Boy Advance." She is interested in the effects of video game play because her husband is addicted to "Unreal Tournament."